Business Transformation

You may already have your strategy well thought through and agreed but recognise that you need support in getting from where you are to where you want to be. Aurora partners with ambitious chief executives and their teams to deliver transformational change – whatever this might be!

When you say transformation what do you really mean? Many consultancies use the term Business Transformation (often with the word “Digital” replacing Business!) to confuse three fundamentally different categories of effort:

  • Evolutionary, or doing what you are currently doing, better, faster, or cheaper. Many companies that are “going digital” fit in this category — they are using new technologies to solve old problems.
  • Revolutionary, or doing what you are currently doing in a fundamentally different way.
  • Visionary, the one that is truly transformational because it involves changing the very essence of a company.

Defining what you mean when you use the word transformation matters, because these different classes of change need to be managed and measured in very different ways. We have the experience and confidence to challenge your definition of “transformation” to ensure that we can tailor our support to meet your real needs.

Aurora can provide you with everything from a high calibre programme manager to marshal and direct your internal resources all the way through to a team of experienced business, IT and change management specialists tailored to your transformation needs.