Performance Improvement

Too many organisations view performance improvement solely as a cost cutting exercise. Whilst there is always a need to focus on managing and reducing costs, cutting costs alone is no guarantee of future success. As part of the Aurora Performance Improvement solution we help businesses identify investment opportunities that offer reliable returns in reasonable payback periods as well as delivering sustainable costs reduction.

Using our range of Performance Improvement diagnostics and best practice benchmarks we work with you to create opportunities focused on value creation, which can maintain business performance through rapid changes of demand (up or down).

Aurora’s Performance Improvement solutions can help companies:

Identify and deliver sustainable P&L and Balance Sheet benefits across the whole business. Examples include:

  • Reducing complexity – every business has unprofitable customers and products that destroy value. Our experience is that most businesses could increase profits by 20% through reducing complexity.
  • Reducing waste – even if you have started on a “lean journey” there is always more to do, especially when you start collaborating with customers and suppliers. Most businesses could reduce operating costs by 10% through reducing waste.
  • Outsourcing non-core processes – every business has processes that are not strategic differentiators. Our view is that businesses could reduce the cost of non-core activities by 25% through outsourcing.
  • Reducing the asset base – most businesses have opportunities to reduce fixed assets, everything from inventory to data centres, and improve their balance sheet. Whilst many of these opportunities are medium to long term projects a focus on improving liquidity management can yield benefits in months.

Identify and deliver investments that provide reliable returns in reasonable payback periods. Examples include:

  • Improving applications support – every business has already invested in implementing ERP solutions. Unfortunately, much of this investment has failed to deliver business benefit. Small, targeted investments in existing applications and Process Automation can enable huge business benefits to be realised.
  • Improving innovation “hit rate” – most businesses have no shortage of ideas. Unfortunately, most ideas never come to fruition. Our experienced innovation and marketing professionals can help improve your “hit rate” and ensure profitable growth.
  • Extending and reinvigorating your partnerships to share investment and reduce risks. Building true collaborative relationships with key business partners (customers and suppliers) can deliver increased revenues, lower costs and reduced risk.