Aurora Business Consulting brings experienced consultancy capability to support and encourage mid-sized businesses. We offer knowledge which is grounded in the in-depth industry experience of our consultants. We aim to work alongside clients to provide straight-forward best practice advice. We will define the right solution to your problem, whilst also providing support and guidance to help your team meet its potential and deliver sustainable results. This means ownership by your team rather than on-going consultancy dependency in the future.

We offer tailored solutions across four key areas:

Business strategy – how your company will achieve its goals, meet the expectations of its customers and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Business Transformation – whether evolutionary, revolutionary or visionary change is envisaged we will help you achieve your goals.

Performance Improvement – we help businesses identify investment opportunities that offer reliable returns in reasonable payback periods as well as delivering sustainable costs reduction.

Leadership and Management – we can support you to inspire your team through individual and team development across the business.

We aim to provide a unique value proposition. This supports ambitious businesses looking for affordable consultancy advice whilst simultaneously providing the tools to enable you to embed new thinking effectively.

Bringing experienced consultancy capability to mid-sized businesses…